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  • City Maid is Now Servicing Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas!

    Posted on 09/07/2012

    City Maid has now expanded to Portland, Oregon and surrounding Cities. 

    We offer many types of house cleaning services such as: One-time Residential Cleaning, Recurring Cleaning, Deep Clean, Customized Clean, Office Cleaning, Post Construction, Move In/Out Cleaning, Vacation Rental & Air BNB and more!

    We offer estimates by phone, Call (855) 980-7177 for further assistance or email us at for any questions

  • Keeping a Dog-Friendly Home Clean

    Posted on 31/12/1969

    It’s great to have a dog in the home, they light up the room and are always happy to see you. But all dog owners know that it’s hard to maintain a clean home and dog-friendly at the same time.

    Luckily there are plenty of eco-friendly pet products that are designed to clean the home without harming your pet. As well as a few tips that will help keep your home maintained.

    • Dirty Paws on Clean Floors

    This is an image we see on many cleaning advertisement the dog running in with muddy paws on the clean floors. It is something that does happen with most dog owners after letting the dog out when it has rained, their paws will be a dirty mess. You can place a towel over the doormat or rugs which will help keep your home clean. When they come in, it will make a huge difference. There are also dog wet wipes you can find at most pet stores.

    • Dog Odors

    We love our dogs but we also know that they can hav

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