City Maid House Cleaning Check List

At City Maid we offer many types of interior cleaning services such as: One-time, Recurring, Move In/Out, Post Construction, Vacation Rental, Air BnB, Customized cleaning and more. Below is our Residential House Cleaning Checklist which is our most requested service.

We offer cleaning services for extra areas such as interior: Cabinets, Fridge, Oven, Windows and Walls they can be included but will take additional time. Our prices are based on the duration needed to complete the cleaning of the home. Please keep in mind, we only offer Interior Cleaning services.

Please review the services we do not offer, if you have any questions in regards to your home please email us at or call or text at (855) 980-1860.

Add Extras
  • Cabinets

    Interior of Cabinets will be cleaned.

  • Laundry

    Wash & Dry services or Fold & Hang services based on duration

  • Walls

    Walls wiped and disinfected

  • Fridge

    Fridge will be emptied, disinfected and food will be replaced.

  • Oven

    Interior Oven Cleaned and Disinfected

  • Windows

    Interior Window Cleaning (Does not include Exterior Windows)

We Offer
  • Deep Cleaning

    Deep cleaning can be through the whole home or just in a certain area, we normally add an additional hour for our teams to do a more detailed Deep Cleaning on the home.

  • Office Cleaning

    Office Cleaning includes, office rooms, bathroom, break room, and conference room. Contact us for a customized quote.

  • Post Construction Cleaning

    After Construction or work in the home there is a lot of dust and debris in the home. Maids will need to wipe over surfaces multiple times to clean the dust that settles.

  • Routine Cleaning

    Regular routine cleaning services of common areas and/or bedrooms, light cleaning or maintenance cleaning scheduled on a recurring basis.

  • Move In/Out Cleaning

    Move In/Out Cleanings are normally double the time of residential cleaning. Homes are normally empty and require all extras: Fridge, Oven and Windows to prepare the home for the next tenant or sale.

  • One-Time Cleaning

    One-Time Residential cleaning of the beds, baths, kitchen and living room areas.

  • Residential Cleaning

    Standard house cleaning of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen areas

  • Vacation Rental/Air BnB Cleaning

    Homes prepped, restocked and cleaned for next guests that will reside in the vacation rental, air bnb, hotels, ect.

Not Offered
  • Carpet Cleaning

    We Do Not offer Carpet Cleaning Services at this time.

  • Stain Removal

    We Do Not offer any Stain Removal Services.

  • Hard to Reach Areas

    We Do Not Clean "Hard to Reach" areas. Our teams arrive with step stools and extensions but we do not carry ladders. If they can not reach the area unfortunately we are unable to clean those areas.

  • Lifting or Moving Items over 10 lbs

    Our Teams Do Not Move or Lift any items over 10lbs, if area needs to be cleaned under furniture, please have it moved in advance or the team will not be able to move or clean under those areas.

  • Garages or Patios

    We Do Not do any Garage or Patio Cleaning aside from sweeping those areas which is extra time.

  • Extreme Cases or Hoarder Homes

    We Do Not Clean Homes that are Extreme Cases or Hoarder Homes. If you are unsure and believe your home may be an extreme case please send photos for us to review to make sure our teams are equipped to handle the cleaning. If our teams arrive and it is an extreme case or hoarder home we will have to cancel the appointment.

You Deserve a Clean Home